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Live Crickets

Nearly every reptile enjoys crickets. They are a great protein source for their diets and are full of natural appeal.  Live crickets also make an excellent fishing bait!

Many companies offer the Common House Cricket (Acheta domesticus), which is known by many for their odor and loud noise. The Acheta domesticus cricket is also susceptible to the AdDNV cricket virus.

At The Worm Depot, LLC we only sell Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus). This cricket type is very hearty, with a lifespan that is longer than many cricket species. They are more active and provide a lively feeding experience for animals.

Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus)  have less odor and noise when compared to other crickets. They are resistant to the AdDNV cricket virus. They have short wings, a soft exoskeleton, and less chitin. This makes Banded Crickets more digestible for animals when compared to the Common House Cricket (Acheta domesticus).

Our crickets are commercially raised in a carefully controlled and clean environment. They are raised with high quality diets, to produce healthy  crickets that are full of proteins and vitamins!



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