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Live Mealworms

Mealworms are an excellent food source for many reptiles, birds, and amphibians. They are a great protein source for their diets and are full of natural appeal.

In nature, mealworms live in wheat. It is important to provide them with their natural diet to ensure proper growth rates and health. At The Worm Depot, LLC, we believe that healthy mealworms are necessary to ensure the health of the reptiles, birds, amphibians, and other pets that consume them.

Our mealworms are commercially raised in a carefully controlled and clean environment. They are fed a steady diet of high quality food grade wheat bran. We pay a premium price for our bran to ensure that it is the highest quality, without any chemicals or pesticides.

Our mealworms are processed and sorted through a custom mealworm harvesting machine. This is done to separate the worms and bedding while accurately grading the mealworms for proper size.  Our harvesting process is more gentle for the mealworms than many common processing methods. The gentle process helps ensure the health of the mealworm while consistently producing a high quality finished product.



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