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500 Live Crickets - All Sizes Available

500 Live Crickets - All Sizes Available

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About our Crickets

 Nearly every reptile enjoys crickets. They are a great protein source for their diets and are full of natural appeal.  Live crickets also make an excellent fishing bait!

Many companies offer the Common House Cricket (Acheta domesticus), which is known by many for their odor and loud noise. The Acheta domesticus cricket is also susceptible to the AdDNV cricket virus.

At The Worm Depot, LLC we only sell Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus). This cricket type is very hearty, with a lifespan that is longer than many cricket species. They are more active and provide a lively feeding experience for animals.

Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus)  have less odor and noise when compared to other crickets. They are resistant to the AdDNV cricket virus. They have short wings, a soft exoskeleton, and less chitin. This makes Banded Crickets more digestible for animals when compared to the Common House Cricket (Acheta domesticus).

Our crickets are commercially raised in a carefully controlled and clean environment. They are raised with high quality diets, to produce healthy  crickets that are full of proteins and vitamins!


Caring for Crickets

Crickets should be housed in an escape proof container that provides adequate space and ventilation.  The plastic tote boxes available at most home improvement stores work great. You simply cut a large hole in the lid, then cover the hole with window screen adhered with hot glue. Crickets should be kept at or above room temperature. They are most active when kept at 80-90 degrees.

A clean, healthy environment for your crickets means that they will live longer and be odor free. Wipe down the inside of your cricket container with a damp paper towel and rinse all parts of the watering device in clean water 3 times per week.

Feeding crickets the right diet is very important. Crickets require adequate nutrition to survive. Most importantly, the nutrition from the crickets will be passed on to your reptiles or other animals. Crickets require a high-protein diet. Without an adequate diet, the crickets will prey on each other.

Commercial cricket foods can be purchased from many pet stores. We recommend our Worm Depot "Buggle Yum" Cricket Food , as it is formulated to increase the nutritional value of crickets for  reptiles and other  animals. It also improves egg production in breeding crickets.

Crickets like many living things, require unlimited access to water. A damp sponge can be provided to prevent small crickets from drowning. There are also many cricket watering devices available online that provide a more constant water source.


Live Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee live delivery of our crickets. We always package a significant amount of extra crickets into the box to account for any that may die while shipping. If an excessive amount die during transit, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery.  We are happy to work with you to make things right.

Our live delivery guarantee applies only when temps are below 95 degrees and above 35 degrees  at our facility, during transit, or at your delivery location. A person must be available to receive the shipment. If crickets are shipped to a PO box, they must be picked up the day they arrive, or the live delivery guarantee is voided.

If your crickets appear to be lifeless upon arrival during cold weather months, place the box in a warm area and inspect it in around one hour. Often the crickets are chilled and are fine and healthy once they warm up.



Most orders are delivered in 2-3 business days. All orders are shipped via an expedited shipping service. Occasionally the shipping service may take longer. Unfortunately, delays caused by the carrier are out of our control. However, our packaging is designed to keep crickets alive for up to 15 days.



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